Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the procedure?

Be prepared to be at LDHC for approximately 2-3 hours, this includes registration, pre-op preparation, procedure time, recovery time and discharge. Average time for upper endoscopy ( EGD) 20-25 mins, lower endoscopy ( colonoscopy)

20-40 mins.

What do I bring with me to the Center?

  1. An escort- someone who will be readily available to pick you or stay at the facility and is responsible to drive you home. Due to anesthesia you will receive you will not be allowed to drive home. Physician will NOT perform procedure if transportation not verified.
  2. Insurance cards and ID: These is to verify information on your card for billing purposes.
  3. Bring current medications and any over the counter medications including vitamins and herbs.
  4. Name of any allergies ( food, medications, latex…etc)
  5. Information regarding any cardiac procedure ( stent placements) anti coagulates ( blood thinners)
  6. Comfortable clothes and shoes
  7. Medical power of attorney papers ( these forms are for the person who will make medical decisions for the patient receiving the procedure)

What diet should I follow?

Physicians will provide you with a list of appropriate meal instructions, as for LDHC:

  1. For upper endoscopy (EGD)

No solid foods for 8 hours before procedure, this includes milk products such as : ensure, glucerna

Smoothies, coffee with cream, milk, yogurt,

  1. For lower endoscopy (Colonoscopy)

Clear liquids day prior to procedure and day of procedure : black coffee, tea, apple juice, white grape juice, water, power aid { yellow, orange, blue ,green} , Jell-O’s , chicken and/or beef broth, ginger ale. Day of procedure instructions will be given on confirmation call.

  1. DO NOT chew gum or suck on hard candy day of procedure, this produces gastric acid which may cause complications with anesthesia.
  2. ** No FLUIDS 2 hours before ARRIVAL time of the Center.
  3. Post procedure diet will be discussed at time of discharge.

Will the procedure be painful?

Our Center uses anesthesia care, this type of sedation relaxes the body, which in turn relaxes allow procedure to be performed more smoothly. Most common statements are feeling of colic.

When can I return to work?

Most of our patients return to work the next day with minimal to no limitations.

Do I need to finish all my prep for the colonoscopy?

YES!!! It is very important to complete all the laxative / prep that is ordered by your physician. These preps are designed to clean both small and large intestine (we cannot clean one without the other). Laxative along with lots of clear fluids must be consumed. Not completing prep my result in poorly prep colon decreasing chances of a good viewing of the colon walls. It may also run the risk of procedure being canceled due to incomplete prep.

What if I can’t tolerate the prep?

Please contact your physician or LDHC at 956-728-0030, if nausea occurs certain changes can be done to prep or anti-nausea medication can be ordered.

When will I get results?

Post procedure results will be discussed with patient/ escort at time of discharge. Your physician will discuss initial findings and any treatment preformed and/or any treatment recommended. If specimens/biopsies/polyps will be sent out for pathology evaluation. Those results will be discussed at appointed follow up visit at physician’s office. A copy of the procedure along with written instruction will also be provided at discharge. Your primary physician will also receive copy of procedure.

What if I smoke?

Do not smoke cigarettes or Cigars 24-48 hours before procedure, please notify staff if you did smoke (very important).

Recreational drugs?

No recreational drugs {pot, weed, marijuana, cocaine…etc} for 48 hours before procedure or your procedure will be canceled due to potential respiratory complications. Please notify personnel at time of registration.

What if I lost my Instructions?

Please keep instructions in safe place , if misplaced please call physician’s office for copy , LDHC will call patients 5 days and day before procedure for confirmation of appointment and discuss any questions and review instructions regarding procedure. If you don’t have instructions please notify staff and we will obtain copy for you to pick up or review over the phone. It is important to know which laxative is ordered so we can provide correct instructions. Do Not wait until the day before procedure to purchase laxative.

Do Not ask pharmacy for instructions on prep, they do not know physician’s preference.

You can also visit Patient Education Preparation tab on menu above for more information.